New dose limit for the lens of the eye

Information Update [.pdf]

Relevant facts regarding screening devices at airports

In 2010 airport security organisations were beginning to install, or to consider installing, scanners to detect weapons hidden under an individual's clothing. Two types were being most broadly considered: one using microwaves and one using low-energy ionising radiation. In order to provide governments, who were responsible for approving the use of such devices, with solid scientific information on the exposures and risks from such devices, the IACRS agreed to develop and widely distribute a short summary document on security screening devices. This was issued by the IACRS in 2010, and remains an up-to-date source of background information on these devices.

IACRS report on ionising radiation screening devices at airports [.pdf]

IACRS Radon Information Overview

IACRS Radon Information Overview [.pdf]